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There are many reasons to choose a custom guitar. 

There are more reasons to choose an Old South...

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Experience Building the Best
15+ years experience hand-crafting beautiful custom guitars. Built by a musician for musicians.
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Not a One-Hit Wonder
We offer five (not one) base models, with unlimited customizations and details, and the finishes you crave.
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We Don't Like to Wait Either
We take the time required to perfect your guitar, but we ship it the same day we finish the work, so you get it asap!

I have been playing for more than 30 years, both professionally and just for my Soul and have owned many dozens of Guitars… The S-style guitars he has done for me are some of the best I have ever played and believe me, I have owned and played many. I think he can do this because he is a damn fine player himself. 

To reach the high level that Scotty produces, he would have to have an intimate personal relationship to the music the instrument actually produces.

- Joe Dumas